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did he love space. once he retired from nasa he went under the sea. he became an aquanaut, if you will. he spent 30 days under the pacific ocean in the sea lab studying the effects of sea life on the human body. there is going to be a large group of people here today. of course, some of his fellow navy fliers. he was a navy cadet, some of the navy personnel will be here. we had the navy honor guard just a short time ago. and some of the nasa astronauts will be here acting as honorary paul bearers. john glenn will be giving the eulogy. he and carpenter were great friends, neighbors during the nasa program. with carpenter's death today, john glenn will be the sole surviving members of that mercury seven astronaut chose no one 1959 who did so much for our country into the 1960s. >> and it really makes sense that they would be so close because there are so few people who can understand the experiences that astronauts have, jim? >> reporter: yes, you know, we talked to candy carpenter just a while ago, the daughter of scott carpenter. she lives here in the boulder area. she's inside for the
you, everyone. >> thank you. >> as nasa's future goes, so to does that of america, and if nasa's healthy, then you don't need a program to convince people science and engineering is good to do because they see it at large on paper, and they'll call for engineers to go ice fishing where there's an ocean of water liquid for billions of years. we'll dig through soil of mars and look for life, that gets the best by biologists. there's chemistry, physics, geology, aerospace engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and all the stem fields, science, technology, engineers, and matt represented in the nasa portfolio. a healthy nasa pumps that. a healthy nasa is a fly wheel that society taps for innovations. >> over the past 15 years, booktv has air over 40,000 programs about nonfiction books and authors. booktv, every weekend on c-span2. >> next, a discussion on the government shut down, the debt ceiling, and health care law with the president of the nra and former adviser to richard nixon. this event hosted by the center of national interest is 90 minutes. >> [inaudible]
we went, and dad handled it with great humility. >> carpenter was at the nasa microphone in february 1962 and gave this send off to his friend john glenn, on this flight. >> god speed, john glenn. >> the naval aviator would be next. >> scott carpenter became the epitome of the home town hero. he named the capsule "aurora 7." this school at city park bears his name. >> scott carpenter not only explored space, but used his knowledge in a different way - conducting research at the bottom of the o. scott carpenter spent 28 days sitting at the bottom of the pacific in sealab. >> it was 300 metres below the surface, off the coast of california. it was a lab designed to test how long human being could live under water for extended periods. he's the only person who is both an astronaut and aquanaut. >> as friends, family and fellow astronauts say goodbye, scott carpenter will find his final resting place on earth. >> what a magnificent long life he had. what a life of adventure and inquiry. he'll be greatly missed and more importantly greatly valued for decades to come. >> scott carpenter wa
as one of america's first seven astronauts. >> scoti carpenter was one of the nasa's elite, chosen as one of the original "mercury" astronauts in the space race against the soviets. >> they were the first rock stars. >> it was the cold war, the american program struggled. scoti carpenter about and his colleagues were determined to win. >> it was a special time. obviously proud of dad for being selected. >> candy was five when her father climbed into her capsule. the time is etched in her memory. i remember a lot of press, a lot of - cameras, wherever we went. and they handled it with great humility. >> scoti carpenter was at the nasa microphone in "62. giving this send off. "good speed, john glenn." the naval aviator would be next. the mercury astronauts represented a bold time. scoti carpenter was the epitome of the hero. >> he named his capsule after the street where he grew up. >> scoti carpenter not only explored space, he used his scientific knowledge in a different way, conducting research at the bottom of the ocean. scoti carpenter spent 28 days living at the bottom of the pacific
nasa portfolio. a healthy nasa is a fly wheel that society caps for innovations. book tv, every weekend on c- span2. >> this week on q&a, stephen kinzer discusses his new book, titled "the brothers: john foster dulles, allen dulles, and their secret world war." >> stephen kinzer, in your book, you tell a story up front about dulles airport in washington and the statue and the naming. what is that? >> john foster dulles had recently died when that super airport in chantilly, virginia was being built. president eisenhower announced that the airport would be named dulles airport. when kennedy took over, he didn't want to name it after a crusty old cold war era. the was pushed back and finally the decision was made to name it after dulles. you can still see the film clip of kennedy opening the airport with eisenhower there and allen dulles there. he pulls back a curtain and behind the curtain is this giant bust of john foster dulles. that stands in the middle of this big airport. i went to see it while i was writing this book. i couldn't find it. i started asking security guards. no
to justify all of nasa's term american exceptional when shoppers that offensive term due to many people but its real meaning. by consent the exception is that the us considers itself up having the right to attack anyone in the world at any time to kill anybody in the world at the time to torture anybody in the world at any time to rest any body in the world at any time i back to spy on anyone in the world and that is that their definition of american exceptionalism of which is driving us all that's why we've far as director of the future terrorism project says beloved alone won't solve terror. the world despite its ideological roots the growth of the hottest production may mean that many ideological schools. and of creating radicalized aims to create a much wider demography of the hottest and then you have another structure that is all cried out for a variety of other jihadist groups and in many countries while recording so the pool is getting larger problem is that over the past few years the adminstration and policy makers and united states and not acknowledging the fact that behind t
countries of fruits grow. there's this term that they used to justify all of nasa's term american exceptionalism. when shoppers is an offensive term due to many people but its real meaning. is that the exception is that the us considers itself up having the right to attack anybody in the world at any time. so there was no sign that during strikes coming to an end today as we boarded mention a moment usa croft is killed the head of the taliban in pakistan. four missiles with quantities come on killing at least five people but some reports suggesting it remembered that can be as high as twenty five aunties correspondent of a queanbeyan has the details. i know the official sources has gone from the academe of the all flap at the labasa lives and spoke with his animated tree it's at heart muscle with an of the monsoons. of course muscle is very important so many dead to tidy my bike this time as he was needing to head the epa and the movement toward the years the bounty was that on his head around why comedian at them and that the us has a right to the hezbollah does that mean old ont
with the proton rocket and there is a lack of vision in the sequestration which is hitting nasa today. that still remains an area of cooperation. we have a new item on the which is the asteroid threat. buton't see that too often it does occur every now and then. it will continue to occur as we go down the road. our ability to deal with this is our space capabilities and developing those capabilities. russia has made that the defense against asteroids the prime aspect of their space program according to statements just the other day from the new head of ruscosmos. and the u.s. is trying to land a man on astro that there. at any rate, they are aware of the danger. the russians have made a proposal to have a specific which isf cooperation called strategic defense of the earth in dealing with this. it seems to me that russia and the u.s. have always cooperated best not over issues of just common concern but over what they used to call the common aims of mankind. i think this asteroid threat doesn't threaten just our countries, but the entire earth, similar to what is going on in syria that is the com
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8